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about us

    What We Do

    Ukrainian Childrens Fund sends aid and relief to the suffering people of Ukraine. Our emphasis is focused on abandoned babies, orphans, under privileged children.

    Children at Risk

    More than 300,000 Ukrainian children live in orphanages. These orphanages are supported by the federal government of Ukraine, but on the average receive approximately 45% of their required budget. Frequently, these children eat one meal a day.

    Conservative estimates are more than 100,000 children live in the streets of major cities without any letigiment adult guidance, descipline, education or preparation for contribution to society. Often called "street children", these forgotten children are abused and used in trafficing drugs. Estimates are more than 15,000 children live in abandoned basements and sewers in Kiev alone.

    We invite you to join us in providing the basic essentials of life for these children.

    Making a difference

    Ukrainian Childrens Fund networks with National Churches, leaders, businessmen and various Ukrainian charity funds to distribute humanitarian aid. Recipients receive various items, including: food, clothing, shoes, winter coats and personal sanitary items.

    The fund's main office is located in Kyiv, Anatoliy Belonozhko is the director. Branch offices are located in Chernigov, Fastiv, Brovary, Pereyaslav, Slavutich, Belogorodka, Kozelec, Vyshgorod, and Popel'nya.

    Who We Are

    Ukrainian Childrens Fund was founded by David Tinney, businessman and missionary. He resides in Oklahoma, USA with his wife, Judy. Mr. Tinney's ministerial credentials are held by The Gospel Evangelical Christian Churches of Ukraine, Registration #12, from 02/26/2002, State Religious Affairs Committee of Ukraine. David and Judy have been serving in Ukraine since 1995.

    Ukrainian Childrens Fund is a ministry of Family Aid International Inc, which Mr. Tinney is the founder and president.

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